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Lichtpalast - Web Project

View project has built the online vision of Licht Palast. Since its foundation the Swiss company, specialized in creating of integrated architectural and aesthetic lighting solutions for home and office, fully relies on our team of professionals in the field of web design, flash technology, multimedia and online video.

Based on the company's corporate philosophy, which follows the principle "light raises thousands of emotions, feelings and moods" and the definition of its founder "exciting and colourful world of light", our designers have recreated that mood by flash
technology to provide an exciting way of presentaion of the company and its activities. Every internet user who visits the "exciting and colourful world of light" can choose the colour nuances of the site - yellow, orange, brown, red or blue.

Built in the spirit of excitement, the web project of Licht Palast wins Favourite Site Award for 2005.

Date of completion: 18.5.2007
Used technologies: FLASH

web project for architecture

web site design and planning of web project

flash, multimedia and online video

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