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FMCG industry internet strategy e- marketing web page design and development

05 january
Piccadilly awarded to the team of consultants and internet marketing specialists to develop web strategy for Christmas campaign, in which were provided by Piccadilly to be distributed thousands of gifts. From was expected a branding effect. team (and our technology partners) developed a Christmas fairy tale. Visiting the corporate site of Piccadilly (, visitors was finding themselves in a magical maze filled with unique Christmas atmosphere and lots of magic and surprises. The maze itself was a virtual supermarket of the chain Piccadilly " viewed from the top which helped visitors to feel it as a familiar place for them and to know better the location of their search products.
Each visitor had a secret mission of Santa Claus - to find a promotional product. In the game of Piccadilly involved many co-branding partners, who with their participation were able to reach thousands of visitors to this mini site Piccadilly. Using flash technologies, combined with specific marketing objectives the consultants of and Piccadilly showed that in the online environment the Christmas miracles are completely real.
Tens of thousands wishes gathered our web platform for a period of 45 days.
The  objectives achieved were:
1. Branding;
2. Introduction the customers with the distribution of Piccadilly stores;
3. Collection of huge database of their customers: telephone, address, certain Piccadilly store, where they go shopping, desires, email and PIN;
4. Two-digits (in%) share in the total number of customers in the system of loyalty Piccadilly - thousands of real registrations (with PIN) for club card Piccadilly for 45 days;
To achieve these goals planned and created the web strategy, internet advertising and marketing campaign (media planning and media buying), created a relation between the software for card loyalty program of Piccadilly and Internet platform and analyzed the results.
You can see the campaign website here.
Here are the results of the campaign and the its final.


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