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Autotrade Rent-a-Car Website

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After the development of a comprehensive strategy for the presentation of five major departments of Autotrade, the consulting team of presented initial concept plan in one of  these areas Rent a car. Based on market research we presented conceptual ideas, which were aiming receiving of internal company information, market studies, details of the business model and others, as the information received had to be build in order of implementation of an e-marketing (effective online campaigns).

As a study of global brands, letting car rental "Sixt," Herts "," Avis "and more., Our team found that they set on a  primarily online presentation when the product" rent a car "survey of business activities model showed that in addition to direct contact in 99% of the cases, e-traveller seeking service through the Internet. That is why our recommendations were based on a concept model using the Internet as the main communication channel, and channel sales.

One of the main steps that plan was building a comprehensive e-marketing strategy based primarily on the Internet (such as to achieve the optimal effect was advisable use and conventional media)

In the developed internet project, implemented the following business systems:  

development of internet client part (web site)
building a system of communication with customers (CRM- client relationship management)
building a system for procurement, monitoring and execution of transaction

Within the framework of servicing provides the following services to the client:

Web site development
E-marketing consulting and online strategies
Managed Hosting
Digital Creative
Date of completion: 25.9.2008

e-marketing for rent a car

e-marketing strategy for car rental


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