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Autotrade_logo design

In 2007 the official dealer of Volkswagen Autotrade assigned us the development of their corporate identity.
With the development of a logo design of Autotrade Ltd. the team  of  set of a concept built on the basis of preliminary studies of corporate identity of companies of the automobile sector. As one of the goals were strengthening the brand, promoting the name of the company effective presentation of the company.

The main steps in creating a logo design were related to:
  • Selection of colors, based on market research in accordance with appropriate for the sector, and according to customer requirements.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the style of the client.
With the development of a  logo design the  consultancy team  regard to the following requirements:
• Inclusion of company name, product or business or directions;
• Logo must be easily recognizable, distinct and association with
Company / product;
• is a unique, modern, stylish and easily-recognizable;
• allows both color, and black and white printing;

In the results of marketing studies conducted created a graphic and  an unique prototype, clean logo with a memorable appearance with the business areas of the company and its logo.

Date of completion: 16.11.2007

corporate indentity_Autotrade

logo design_english version

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