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Honda Legend - Web site

Review the project
Japanese automobile company Honda chose for the online presenting of the Legend V6 - a car with multiple technological solutions. was challenged to build and implement e-marketing campaign for Honda Legend V6.
We had a task to find a way to make the online presentation powerful and convincing tool for sale. We had to show all of these technologies in a way in which the normal person to understand. Our consulting team created a marketing concept, combining in himself multimedia and online video clips, and almost no text. In this case we had to create the impression that the visitor is inside the car, feel how easy and safe driving is a Legend V6, and how the client receives more than the car he drives now.

Within the servicing provides the following services to the client:
E-marketing consulting and online strategies
Multimedia and online video
Date of completion: 10.1.2007

e-marketing for Honda Legend V6

Legend V6 - multimedia & online video

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