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The leading company in tuning of one of the most expensive cars in the world Sportec AG, chose for its online presenting. Within the framework of servicing, provides the following services:

  •      E-marketing consulting and online strategies
  •      Digital-Creative
  •      Information, navigation architecture and design
  •      Business-software
  •      Building of a Web-site, maintenance and its update
  •      Hosting

Sportec k project: an integrated business system for online presentation and sales
Sportec  projects - the developed business modules are an example of efficiency, by steadily increasing online and offline sales of the company.

To our team of consultants was sent a brief with which our client assigned us to develop an entire business platform, supporting the company's activities and in particular the work of experts from the marketing and sales department of Sportec AG, which to facilitate and optimize the communication with their customers, process of the offering, modeling of the tuning process and sales.

Objectives and Strategy
On the basis of detailed market researches, as well as a study of the work and the needs of the client, the consulting team of developed modules for efficient use by the experts from the sale department of Sportec AG, providing opportunity for an effective communication with customers and increasing of online and offline sales of the company.
Another important goal was to allow  the possibility for receiving of a marketing information for target groups, which to allow an analysis of the market situation, the behavior of the target groups.

In the complex e-solutions that introduced in this web project is a web-based ERP system modules including CRM, sales management, storage and product nomenclatures. Developed modules and functionalities allow as content management of online projects and preparation of offers to individual customers, price lists and custom Internet advertising campaigns for the maintenance of client database and tracking stocks.
Date of completion: 24.1.2008

integrated e-marketing business system for online sales

a-marketing for cars

business platform for online and ofline sales

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