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Fairplay International - Web site

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One of the most respected investment companies FairPlay International assigned to building of its online corporate performance.

The Consulting team of created an e-marketing concept, as a result developed a web project based on the
concept for FairPlay International as an investment company rather than building company. In this regard, the accent was that the activity of the FPI is related to a variety of investments in real estate, and tourism.The developed to the site content management system (CMS) allows our client to update and manage the vision of the web project except in a static part, but also interactive, presented by flash elements in the site to achieve a modern and attractive vision subordinated to the major Concept of the Internet project.

Within the framework of servicing provides the following services to the client:
Web site development
E-marketing consulting and online strategies
Information, navigation architecture and design
Managed Hosting
Digital Creative

Date of completion: 18.6.2007

e-marketing concept for the corporate online presenting of FPI

FPI -corporate online image

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