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Fairplay International entrusted again to for development of the online presenting of one of its companies - Fairplay Properties REIT.
On the basis of detailed market research as a study of the work and the needs of the client, the consulting team of developed modules for efficient use of sales experts of Fairplay Properties REIT, providing opportunity for effective communication with customers and increase online and offline real estate sales of the company to which the company aims in the medium term.
Another aim was to allow receiving of  a marketing information for the target groups, enabling analysis of the market situation, the behavior of the audience.
The online project brings the specificity of Fairplay - leading company in construction and investment in Bulgaria. As a joint stock company special investment purposes, namely – the securitization of real estate, the Internet project Fairplay Properties is with information character and focuses on actual performance of the information announced by both current and future investment projects. The Developed specialized software - a module for automatic extraction of data from the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia for the presentation allows the movement of securities of FPP in real time with the prices and quantities traded.

Within the framework of servicing provides the following services to the client:
Web site development
E-marketing consulting and online strategies
Information, navigation architecture and design
Managed Hosting
Digital Creative

e-marketing for securitization of real estate

BSE -automatic extraction of data in a real time

the internet project announces the current and future investment projects

Fairplay International
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