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Virtual simulator - Credit Card from DSK bank and Mtel

View project has developed an internet marketing strategy for presenting the advantages of a new financial product - a cobranded credit card Visa of M-Teland DSK Bank.

In the virtual financial simulator created by you can test advantages of the credit card while having fun. While playing an online flash game, you can shop in different shops on the street of M-Tel and DSK Bank and watch what you pay and how much you save.

By developing of the project (strategic planning, internet marketing and web design) has built up the creative of the offline advertising campaign adding an entirely new direction of interaction and presentation of the product, which only internet communication can provide. Our objective was to show in numbers what is the meaning of the advertising messages seen in the billboard campaign.

Date of completion: 19.3.2009
Used technologies: FLASH, PHP, MySQL

online marketing strategy for a financial product

internet marketing campaign for a credit card

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