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Review the project
Instead of the well known – many pages ads and internet sites bubbling too much and too long about the green line and about the benefits of using energy-saving products, our consultants presented the concept of the “see it yourself” game. In a very easy to understand way using flash game technology we have created an animated calculator. The user easily selects the appliances he/she has in house and the software optimizes them with energy-saving products. At the end the client sees him/her self that it not only safes money but also preserves the nature. The third step is the most important – in an friendly way the client is asked for his/her details. Once we have them we, IKEA sales representatives close the deal.

Three easy steps with great success – for 4 weeks we have more than 82'000 energy-saving pulps sold. developed and proposed a radically different perspective and a marketing concept for these products, facing full to the personal benefit of the client. Based on our experience and knowledge of the Internet, we set the goal not only to implement branding for IKEA, but also to achieve the "impossible" according to client objectives: sales of energy-saving appliances, collection of consumer information (address, telephone, email,  number of rooms, available appliances in it )
Date of completion: 16.8.2007

Energysaving Campaign IKEA

Energysaving Campaign IKEA

marketing concept for energy saving products

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