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Office Exress - Web site

The consulting team of together with Office Express developed an e-marketing strategy for penetration of Office Express in Internet, as presented proposal for an integrated online expert system to stimulate the sales and client service in order to enter the market of online sales and increasing market share of the company in Bulgaria.
The integration of Microsoft Navision in the online project was a decision which gaves us the confidence to announce that we are on the verge of a unique for the country and the region an e-business platform and marketing strategy for the sector.

As the ultimate goal of all was not only Office Express to have a beautiful and effective online image, but to collect a database of potential customers to shape the overall marketing policy of the company, after being tested on the online target groups, to define users, their needs and expectations.

The project itself is а web based solution for online sales, accounting, client profiles, loyalty programs, systems for promotion and stimulating the sales. Besides servicing of online deals with end consumers, there is a specialized section for corporate clients service, in the module for online sales. The system gives a solution of all the needs of corporate clients of Office Express, in terms of accountancy, devolution of rights and limits, assign a schedule for repeat orders and etc. The consulting team of did researches and analyses of customer needs and behaviour on buying of office goods, technics, and furniture. Interface solutions and functionality of the project are made in the direction of maximum facilitation of the work for the staff of the Office Express.

Within the framework of servicing provides the following services to the client:
Web site development
E-marketing consulting and online strategies
E-commerce platforms and e-Business solutions
Information, navigation architecture and design
Digital Creative

e-business system for online and offline sales

web based business solution for online orders

online integrated expert system to boost sales and customer service

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