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Tandem - Web site

Разгледай проекта develop an entire concept for the online presence and created the corporate web site of Tandem. Within this project, provide the following services:

Web site development
E-marketing consulting and online strategies
Information, navigation architecture and design
Digital Creative

History of Tandem project: development of a concept and production of web site:
The popular Bulgarian brand for meat products Tandem instructed us to create an online project for the purpose of branding on the Internet and brand presence on the web. The project had to tell about the history of the Tandem, to introduce the users  and customers about how they care for the processing of products in its production.

Tandem is one of the most recognizable and powerful brands in Bulgaria in the meat industry. Its presence on the Internet and the use of new media to achieve marketing goals of the company, however, were poorly covered.

Objectives and tactical tools to achieve them developed proposals for the Internet project, which fully meet the expectations of the customer needs and the type of online consumer. We set in the project the following purposes:

- Motivation for the purchase of Tandem products, created as a result of trust in the brand and high quality production
- Knowledge of the type and variety of Tandem products
- information about healthy eating and fat and protein products of Tandem
- Contents of the current recipes with products - access to specially developed BMI calculator to check the body mass index

The results of this project are high attendance of the site of the brand to customers and potential new customers, whose consumption habits are to be informed in advance when shopping . presented concept ideas for development of online club for loyalty to the brand, which is to be developed.
Date of completion: 18.7.2008

marketing project for a brand presence in the online space

e-Marketing for Tandem products

overall concept of healthy food with Tandem products

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