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Web project for Euroins Health Insurance LLC presents our client in internet as a stable company, a leader in the field of voluntary health insurance in Bulgaria. It meets the users' demand for information about products and services offered by the company,
details of medical centers and hospitals, partners of the company, additional information of health-insured persons.
We have developed an Online Customer Services Center integrated in the project. Each client of Euroins Health Insurance
has access to her/his Personal Health File in internet via Unique Identification Number (valid in Bulgaria) and Health Insurance Number. This account grants the options for every health-insured person:

  • checking up reimbursement status  for any expenses for health services and items;
  • assistance with the choice of physician and/or health care center;
  • getting easily an appointment with a chosen specialist. has developed an e-marketing concept of offering services in the field of health insurance online. Based on our experience and knowledge of internet, we have set the goal not only to develop an information system for our client but also to extend its business in internet by:

  • developing the web project;
  • reaching the target audience of our client;
  • building of customer databases;
  • easy access to databases for employees of the company;
  • building an online center for customer service;
  • building a management system for personal health files of insured persons;
  • online call center.
Date of completion: 07.3.2008
Used technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS

web project for health insurance

internet marketing strategy for health insurance

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