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UMHAT Sveta Marina - Information System

We have planned and built an information system for our client St. Marina University Hospital for providing patients and visitors health facility. After detailed study and analysis of the floor plan of the clinic, and consulting rooms and characteristics of the medical center and based on interviews with our client our specialists in information and navigation architecture and flash designers and developers have developed the software of the information terminal.

The purpose of the information system is a multimedia presentation of the location of consulting rooms and clinics and basic information about them based on user requests.  The system allows search by room number or keyword. Searching is done not only in the names of the cabinets but also in a list of additional keywords describing understands for the regular user (non-medical person) about consulting rooms, diseases etc.

Information about a consulting room includes a list of doctors, contact details, business hours, maintained a clinical trails and more. The way to the destination is displayed through animation from the location of the information terminal to the destination goal.

The terminal also provides general information about the hospital. The system works without a keyboard, with a touch screen, the users' actions are managed by flash technology.

Information in the system can be managed remotely from a PC by the integrated content management system.

Date of completion: 12.2.2009

information system for healthcare and medicine

information center for a hospital

multimedia and flash technology

navigation architecture and design

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