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e-marketing : Consumers behavior online, Users can no longer be modeled by traditional methods of marketing 27 november
Plamen Russev is the founder and manager of the company The company develops online marketing campaigns and webproejects for customers worldwide. These include IKEA, Honda, Daimler - Kraysler and others. The company has  created an online concepts also for its Bulgarian clients, as well as campaigns and projects for the supermarket Piccadilly, chain restaurants, Happy, OfficeExpress, TBI, VivaTel, Economedia and others. Educational projects of e-Academy authorized school for vocational training in the areas of electronic marketing, social media, web design and management of digital projects.

What new trends in communication between the media and their audiences need the Internet in recent years?

- Two main factors influence the patterns of communication. These are the increasing share of high-speed Internet and changing the audience as a result of its use. Although still not aware of it, people now acquire an unprecedented opportunity to control the media. This is possible precisely because lavinoobraznoto increase in Internet users who have access to new, unused present instruments. This fact leads to the fact that people change their requirements to the content of the media. They even change their habits to use the Internet - want to have access to it whenever and wherever they wish. Over 50 percent of U.S. households stated that expect to have a personal video recorder in the next 3 years. British television Channel 4 recently launched its online service 4oD (4 on demand). This means that every Internet user can obtain on demand online access to a huge base shows or movies broadcast on television. BBC released "Interactive Media Player" (Interactive Media Player). The service allows to watch any of the transmission of television program broadcast in the last seven days, if by chance you missed. This can be done directly from the site of the specialized media or via download of certain files. This possibility led to a precedent, as Internet providers on the island asked the BBC to take part in building the Internet infrastructure for the increased traffic resulting from the use of their online player.

The new method of access to electronic media programs you change the attitude of their audience to advertising?

- Change in nature of trust is another trend. People no longer believe the ad. They would rather believe the opinion of the unknown, in blog or forum rather than the ad clip, broadcast on television. John Vulcan online marketing consulting company for the "anomaly" (Anomaly) said recently that brandovete are not what we say that are people. They are what their friends and acquaintances say they are. Not accidentally the internet is full of sites with opinions on products that are among the most visited places on the Web. Another important result of the possibility of using the content on dimand in the Internet is even more explicit rejection of the so-called. advertising interruption. About 71 percent of people who buy video recorder, arguing that a particular argument for the possibility to stop the ads. According to TV Company "Sky" (Sky) 75% of users "Sky Plus" (Sky Plus) - Custom of TV content jumps ads. Thus the audience of television channels clearly shows that it can not be modeled by its traditional marketing channels.

What is the role in these processes so. social networks?

- More than 4 million Brits are active bloggers. Social networks as "May SPACE" (MySpace) have hundreds of millions of users and growing by 230 000 members daily. Social Video site "YuTyub" (YouTube) recently announced it has more than 100 million impressions daily. These data suggest that the new communities constructed on the basis of interest rather than geographically, leading to changes in the mechanisms of social interaction and more targeting opportunities for communication.

What future for the advertising and marketing bode these processes?

- The traditional marketing still exists, but every day it becomes more and more low, as people increasingly have access to better tools that allow them to ignore. Meanwhile, media attention increasingly necessary to win, and not buying as before. This means that everyone is doing well, no need to pay for media presence. In this sense, can be summarized some basic laws of marketing in social space. First, all roads lead to interactivity - the bilateral talks bear brand value. Second - currently not all brandove can easily be adapted for online social environment. However, this becomes a necessity, since there is no longer any brand that is not subject to discussion or opinions expressed anywhere in the network. Third, to clarify which affects your customers online is becoming a primary task of marketing. Their "battlefield" has long been forums, blogs, sites and views of others. See data from the statistics - 56 percent of Americans and 47 percent of Europeans are active participants in the social environment online. For this reason, decline and rise of the brand product are indisputable facts of modern times. The product must be good at maintaining the ongoing quality. Otherwise, someone will still find it a problem and describe it to your blog, which will affect negatively to the brand.

In that case, which was successful social campaign online?

- One of the social characteristics of successful online campaigns is their uniqueness. Example of a highly successful corporate online campaign this little South African Winery "Stormhoik uayns" (Stormhoek Wines). Creators of the campaign sent to 187 bloggers khasi with wine bottles, with the following message: "We're sending this wine safe. If you like - write if you like, write back if you want, do nothing, just drink wine." The effect of the campaign was unique. Company with a turnover of around $ 1 million a few months "Stormhoik uayns" has become a company with 10 times higher speed. Even if you do not want to become part of the world of online media and social networks, the presence or absence of which your impact on the brand and hence on the ratings of the company site in Google. This in turn directly relates the number of people who will fall on your site after a search by keywords.

Increasingly important role in the success of a product brand and hereafter will not play so. digital evangelist and pragmatic professionals with experience and vision. The success of an online project increasingly measured by how he has brought up, what data is collected, how it is structured, how many customers service and how the transaction is effected.


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