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e-academy was created as first on Bolkans academy for e-learning, e-marketing and digital sciences

Bulgarian company and Romanian Netbridge together with the information services and business solutions AII "Data protsesing" created the first of its kind in the Balkans center for training in marketing and electronic commerce as e-Academy. "The idea is to provide training appropriate to the dynamically developing technological environment," explained the chairman of the board of directors of the academy Plamen Russev. One of the two target groups are its business customers and large companies not only in the IT sector, which e-Academy will carry out in-company training. Another aspect is the training and the creation of bank personnel for the sector in the region. "IT companies in our region have the same problems - mainly the lack of well-trained and qualified professionals developers and electronic marketing and commerce specialists, says Rusev.

Curricula include e-marketing, e-business consulting, e-commerce, programming, web design, digital content creation and-PR. The first training will take place in Bulgaria, but the creators of e-Academy intend to expand in the region of Southeast Europe. The first courses began in July 2008 with introductory lectures on e-marketing and e-commerce. From next year there will be semester courses for students who have completed secondary education, which seek realization in the IT sector. f-Academy will partner with universities and training centers in Southeast Europe and all major companies in the region who would like to establish scholarships and so to plan and train their staff.
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