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Marketing of the suspension - collapse in consumer confidence? 07 february
What is the nature of the suspension of marketing? That now read these lines, it means that your attention was suspended foliation in the pages of newspapers from something that attracted the eyes and your interest. This is the mechanism of interruption marketing - attracting consumer attention unexpectedly.

Definition was introduced by Seth Goudin, vice president direct marketing company Yahoo, and not only Internet but also for all other channels of communication. Is introduced in order to summarize the problems facing the most modern forms of transmission of marketing messages, as in addition to present an alternative - the so-called permission marketing, which can be found in the next issue.

The battle for consumer attention

Specialists in marketing and advertising, marketing practitioners break each day decide the same problem - how to cut the attention of hundreds of thousands and even hundreds of millions of users. And then - the user account is limited in quantity and quality. Zapomnihte all products advertised in the ad break of "Slavi Show" or "Become rich? Zapametihte you the messages of all ads shown today at your favorite radio? And you know all about advertising your preferred paper? Hardly! Just because your attention is a limited quantity. Only a few messages a day may remember, namely that we made a strong impression and revealed the background of others. In other words, in constantly increasing quantity of these messages remember that interest us personally, ie had were better quality.

The time of interruption marketing is a walk, he had unprecedented greater efficiency. Something similar happened with the Bulgarian advertising actually early 90's. Many remember that no films or sports shows on television is interrupted for commercials. Lack of intensive advertising and noticed in the press and radio (which then few fingers), outdoor advertising and direct marketing still walk, but just missed the Internet. Naturally, in such an environment, new forms of advertising and new formats to be viewed as interesting and intriguing of the audience. It had and the high efficiency of these forms of communication. On the other hand, the development of the advertising industry gave impetus to the progress in media channels through which marketing is practiced mainly in suspension. But precisely because of the limited attention of the audience, and thus constantly sharpen its sensitivity mechanism of recess is less effective in increasing the amount of constant interruptions. As a consequence more and more people now change channels with the clear sense of when the 5-minute ad break, and emptied the overcrowded mailbox without even look what it comes in striped leaflets.

The more - the less

Fight for the attention of the user ozhestochava every day. Increasing advertising budgets and ever-professional teams seek single thing - the user's attention, or how it will be directed to the advertised product. Ways won for consumer attention, or so-called techniques of interruption has been a long time and develop to this day. Nastapatelnostta and variety with which they try to focus the user identify and name under which a suspension of marketing - "aggressive marketing".

Enormous number of marks to be communicating, and the limited number of channels of communication that lead to the glut of media marketing messages. That glut led to a need for further interruption (need more money for advertising), to meet the objectives of the specific campaign. Finally out that more funds should be spent on more and more little effect on them. As a consequence reklamonositelite prices rose continuously, and on the other hand, set marketing goals are achieved is more difficult. Thus seems to be the most serious issues facing the marketing of interruption - loss of trust in the consumer standing to attack him.

Marketing on the Internet disruption

Nesluchayno interruption marketing concept was introduced by one of the founders of marketing communications on the Internet - Set Goudin. Internet abounds in attempts to interrupt the user's attention without prior permission. Banner information sites are one of the most harmless examples, however, because voluntary must click on it. Surf the web has repeatedly been confronted with so-called POP-UP windows - involuntary opening of one or more windows or banners with sites that do not want to hear. Mailbox regularly filled with junk mail - "spam", which is annoying and in most cases does not lead to nothing but the closure of e-mail address and registration of new. This leads to loss of time for a change of address notification to all friends, partners, and as a consequence - Internet user feels betrayed by the site that offers e-mail service. Fortunately, the Bulgarian Internet space is not dominated by the development of such marketing might break because of the low development of payments electronically. And e-shopping is the key to which pause techniques rely on the Internet - impulsively purchases a small amount of irradiated multiple users.

On the other hand, more and more advertisers in our view the benefits of communication in the Bulgarian Internet space - a stable number (1 million people) and constantly growing audience, the appropriate environment for the segmentation of consumers. This raises expectations and the development of a break in the Bulgarian Internet techniques and a concern by implementing the most aggressive of them. Fight for the attention of the audience will inevitably increase, but the need for an alternative to the marketing of interruption is evident to its ability to dramatically reduce its effectiveness by increasing the intensity.


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