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Plamen Russev - Internet in Bulgaria is still used as aboard for classifieds

в-к Дневник 01 october
Can a company to gain or expand market share through internet performance?

- Not only it is possible, and this is one of the most successful way to maintain market share, and its increasing. Results of research of a company as "Makgrou-Hill" (McGraw-Hill) show that about 70 percent of consumers cease to be customers of a company just because of the lack of activity on her part. Customer service via the Internet is a philosopher's stone for the success of marketing efforts. In our work with that being responsible developers. While this is so, effectively acting is marketing will remain in the field of dreams. Over the years, my conversations with customers changed radically. By the desire simply to have something on the Internet about "eight years prior to the need for a comprehensive concept for an online presence and sales. This change is due to the role that the network started to play in the patterns of communication, work and entertainment. Over 30% of internet penetration is in Bulgaria. For large cities, this percentage exceeds 55 percent. For the high-end products that can be 100% of potential users. Increasingly Our clients come with specific goals - next year 10 percent of their business comes from the Internet to customers over the next five and this figure reaches 35% - 40% in the planned growth of 20 percent annually.

Is it expensive pleasure is marketing?

- Internet is the cheapest and the only communication channel that allows so. Mass individualisation. Will give an example of a bank, but he can with the same weight to each of the multiplication would be here (business to business) here or would you (business to customer) business model. For medium-sized bank in Bulgaria statistics indicate that its site is visited about 500 thousand times per year. If, within one years 200 thousand people visit the bank branch in Varna and in 1 percent of them become its clients, it would be sufficient to justify the director of the branch to be removed. Operation of the Internet banking service and presentation can be brought to perfection only about 100 thousand euro a year. In this price include panel survey of needs and satisfaction of users periodically to improve the functioning of the corporate presentation and web services, design and creation of product presentations, etc. This means the cost of about 20 degree of a man who for several minutes will have active contact with the bank and its product. But that's not all. How many customers are lost due to poor terms of staff? How incompetent because of the employee or for someone waiting in queues? It is a professionally-oriented Internet marketing presentation is always competent, has a good attitude towards the customer is always answered, detailed information about product / service, benchmarking against similar services and most importantly - provide all necessary documents for completion.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of e-marketing than traditional marketing?

- E-marketing made possible by the Internet. Mouse change business models. To answer this question should clarify what is internet marketing in perspective. Internet is an environment for conducting tactical campaigns, in which communication with the audience may be the most effective and user easily formulate and seek implementation of their wishes. Internet environment in which there are no limits as time and space to contact and where the user's behavior can be studied and analyzed in detail. Goduin According to Seth, who is vice president for direct sales of Yahu ", e-marketing is permission marketing and conventional marketing - marketing interruption. Instead, someone interrupts the movie or game to watch on TV, in e-marketing or consumer declares himself helps him realize his need of a service or product. He purposefully seek information about them via the Internet or be registered to be informed. The difference is obvious. The challenge is to motivate the user to allow us to record personal data and to offer our services and products. So come to the main purpose - the collection of data from databases with information on registered needs, behaviors and habits, demographic, geographic and social characteristics for our users.

Traps in the network are they not often an obstacle to the development of e-marketing?

- Fraudulent use of personal data in a network worth billions of dollars worldwide, which inevitably affects the pattern of doing e-marketing. Consumers are becoming more distrustful and increasingly difficult to provide their personal data. Precisely for this reason, every project with our e-marketing consultants, designers and programmers need to be ever more creative and inventive in the process of communication and personification of consumers. E-marketing models, we design and implement in the business of its customers, pledging long-term communication with the consumer as a result of which provide accurate psihografski profiles for each visitor to the online presentation. Analyze them later becomes backbone of many effective marketing campaigns.

How can be combined conventional and online marketing techniques?

- The first and most important step towards building a successful e-marketing campaign is to define the role the Internet will play in the strategy of the brand. The next step is a response to the question which tens of torture marketing in Bulgaria - we know we should do something on the Internet, but what, how, when? ". The basis of this concept has set the mandatory integration of Internet and other communication channels included in the marketing strategy.

What is happening in Ireland?

- With few exceptions - none. Over the years we have seen how, say, television spots, made in Bulgaria are still better and creative, but, alas, the internet does not sit right. Anyone can check yourself. Let the TV tonight and views an ad unit. Then log into websites advertised products and brands and compare whether what you have been advertising on 5000 - 6000 Euro per spot, located at least over the web. If you find my answer to the question - interesting for you to even read it? Online you find most prepechatka a copy of the brochure or on the TV clip with low resolution. And this is the last thing a user searches on the Internet. Instead as a form of two-way communication in our Internet is still used as a board listings. Companies still consider the site as something that should simply look good, and, of course, is their biggest mistake. Time looking beautiful sites long gone. Now is the time of effective marketing sites, but can not be "invented" by the designer and programmer. They are the work of a team of consultants, e-marketing specialists, architects and functional navigation. Physical production of the project is the final phase. For most English firms apply ad periphrasis "Oh, Pepi:" You sites? Give a kilo! " And those on the internet offered "configurator site or calculate your own site, there are many. But the difference in this case is that the site of ki, which is simply beautiful, leads to a refusal by the client to use the website of the company. And hence the loss of an extremely powerful communication channel.


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