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Ministers, bankers, businessman at a mask ball in honor of

Article in 24 hours newspaper, 23 april
400 guests wrote secret desires

Princess, sheyhove, mysterious and fascinating magove pastirki flew nearly 500 kilometers from Sofia to Varna, to be guests on the eighth birthday of the Internet agency Behind the wonderful team of characters "24 hours" recognize bankers, bosses travel, automotive and avio operators, building contractors - all clients and friends of There was still prime minister, pending union, leaders of the party divide between many parties Friday night at sea.

Photo Gallery from the event.

Guests invited to the prom had to choose one of 400 suits provided and displayed in a special site hosts.

Minister of State Administration Nikolay Vassilev, hidden behind a fine silver dominoes, arrived at the ball as soon as you start to give the election campaign of NMSII in Devnya. Gold was determined in the presence carnival and Petya Slavova accompanied by the construction contractor Hinchovski Plamen. Slavova is among the first customers, which was founded in 1999 in Varna. Now the agency has offices in Bulgaria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Britain. He is the author of electronic and e-marketing projects for several governments, including the company's clients are Honda, Switzerland, Nicole - Czech Republic, city of Davos. The biggest gift that the creator of Plamen Russev was received for the feast of its Swiss partner Ivo Braunshveler - contract with furniture giant "IKEA".

As Arab sheik was masked and entrepreneur Ventzislav Dorelov with richly dress of tulle and gold leather designer was Clear Lefterova. Dominoes with white and black ball arrived and the new leader of the party Varna VOTING - Plamen Andreev. Construction Contractors thoroughly domino go every 10 minutes. His disguise was inspired by the power company E.O.N - 10 minutes with 10 minutes free - Andreev explained.

Balat of masks to be held in three halls of the boutique hotel "Romance" in the resort St. St. Constantine and Elena. The first guests were welcomed to aperativ of clowns, juggler and ognegaltachi. An hour later they were invited to dinner and wine in the second room. There they waited for fortune teller and magician. Beautiful fei urged guests to write their secret wishes of special printed cards. 400 Elves gathered in the same bag. It turns out that some cards run at 5-6. "New boyfriend, shocking love, secret admirer, had asked VIP - guests. The most common request, however, Plamen Russev implement immediately and about 1 o'clock this morning took the microphone for a few perfect performances of opera and Ariel Evergreen. The party continued until dawn in the room for karaoke and special employees calash passengers waited in vain in front of the hotel.


Plamen Russev (12 may 09)

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  • Article in 24 hours newspaper , 23 april
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