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Friends from all over the world will leave his secret desires with us

Article in "24 hours" newspaper 18 april
Interview with Plamen Russev, owner of

Plamen Russev was born on May 28, 1975 in Varna. He has marketing and management at the Economic University of maritime capital, specialized management is to Delaware. For several years he was forced to plan their time for at least one months ahead to be able to spread between best IT company in Bulgaria, Switzerland, England and the Czech Republic. Except in the IT sector, Mr Rusev is managing partner at BCC. The company is the owner of the national information system for new construction Together with BalPEx partnership with Colliers, PriceWaterHouse Coopers and the Financial Times is a co BaLREC (Balkan Real Estate Conference). The young businessman is a typical representative of the sign Gemini. Is unmarried, and most of all loves to share every free minute with your friends. Swim and ski whenever possible. In 1999 Plamen Russev created in Varna ( - an Internet consulting, e-marketing and building online sofuerni based business solutions and communication). At present is an international company with offices in Bulgaria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Britain. In the company's portfolio of several governments, dozens of non-electronic and e-marketing projects for some organizations, commercial and financial institutions and companies. Environment customers are Honda Switzerland, Nikon-CH, city of Davos, Evrohold, Office Express, and hundreds of others. If Po eighth birthday, Mr. Rusev VIP invite friends and customers from all over Europe with the first ball masks.

- Mr Rusev why decided to provoke the birth VIP - society call for fancy ball?
- Eight years before one could not assume that today there will be people who literally live and work in the Network. In the era of Internet social networks, millions of people are increasingly starting to virtualized their lives. And in fact their lives on the Internet is more real and personal back in the background. When you set the beginning, it was not so at least in Bulgaria. So consider that balat with masks, as well as Internet than eight years associated with the anonymity and freedom. And this is the feeling that I and my team want to give to friends and partners. All our guests will write their secrets, anonymous requests, which will be exchanged during the coin ball and they will buy a variety of pleasures. I believe that exactly this kind of research secret wishes and find the best possible way and finding the best way to provoke them and meet us so unique to the online market.

- Who should be the target of the feelings of provocation VIP carnival?
- Provoking mainly myself. In my team there are many people that we are together for more than eight years. But there are many young boys and girls who are the product of our digital lives. So return to the era of masks balls for them is inconceivable journey in time. As for guests, I would say - the will and the message is that they feel comfortable behind the mask of anonymity and have fun with their virtual identities.

- Is the home ready to enter the elite role to be genuine and fun to be divided by the habit of years of transition to becoming competitive in partitata Gorge brand of dresses and jewelry?
- This will find the ball. But one thing is sure - Invited called English media elite, we are actually my friends, clients and partners and their presence will be a manifestation of respect and commitment to our holiday. I think everyone will be really fun in our virtual incarnations.

Behind them, more will become clear which is hidden, but could you explain to the popular English language what is hidden behind dry "internet consulting, e-marketing and building an online-based, business software and communications" solutions?
- is perhaps the most award english new media agency in the field of e-marketing and creativity. During the years of creative studio with three employees grow to an international agency with offices in London, Zurich and Prague. Developing our next logical expansion of the Internet and the new generation of consumers. While companies are beginning to have wondered whether the site is now all clear that the Internet presentation is an important area for business success today in the existence of business tomorrow. This required the presence of an extremely professional approach to building marketing strategies, the concept of two-way communication with consumers, creating interactive solutions, which leads us to dialogue with our clients, to learn they wanted their own for more products and services and how their customers use them. Indeed, the Internet completely changed the way we communicate, do business and especially the marketing of this change, you know. A campaign is made for target groups of potential customers on the Internet today, we do campaigns for hundreds of thousands and millions of customers, but sends the names of every individual for which we collect information and know what information sought and collected, ie even know its obvious and hidden needs, thus creating effective solutions. In this sense, the Internet consulting includes consulting and concepts for use of the most effective new channel for communication between klientite.Razlikata e-marketing and marketing is that that concept is successful also require perfect knowledge and proven marketing and effective know how the Internet. Perhaps the absence of the primary is that there are so many poor and ineffective online campaigns in Bulgaria. E-business solutions are systems that are used for management and control of business processes within a company. This may be systems of communication with customers (CRM) and human resources, accounting or other management systems, etc. They all have one goal - to optimize management and to increase the effectiveness of a business structure. Internet platform on which we work permits be from anywhere in the world in which there is a link to the web.

- Bulgarian cover version of "American Dream" is the development of your fine local Varna company grow to a company with offices in Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Velikiobritaniya?
- I do not know whether it is dream come true, but I know that whatever happened to hard work, a dose of luck and a team of professionals really perfect. In our business, and creative thinking are the main market exchange coin. In we are proud of every member of our team. One part of it are people who work in the company more than 7 years. And my deep bow before them, because they are evidence that only the strong and stable foundation can be built skyscraper.

- What motivates you to keep the bulk of their business in Varna, given that for years rule in our view that real business can be made only in Sofia?
- Not only that maintain an office in Varna, but here is the headquarters of the company. This is not only my hometown, he is my favorite place as it is this subjective factor, it is crucial we are here. Because objectively speaking, the issues to do business here and here are few. By starting with constant travel and lack of infrastructure and connectivity adekvatna city to Europe and lead to the most important problem, people. Sofia for young people, has become an attractive center for career development, as well as springboard for work abroad. Our team of human resource management in the company constantly develops strategies to change this cycle in a positive direction for us. Starting scholarship program for internships, training, etc., which should have motivated and talented young professionals to stay in our city. And all resources are invested because we are in Varna. Knowing that a part of our team and spends spends a large part of his life in the company sui juris, Do we have to make the office a very pleasant place to work and development. Company Planex renovated building, and one of the founders and - Plamen Andreev put their genius and gave us the amazing interior design. As a result, our team works in modern and very comfortable environment and this is another factor in the selection of young IT professionals and marketing to stay in Varna and develop their career in

Leading the interview: Rositsa Penkova


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