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The opening party of studios new virtual home

19 january
Welcome dear Guests !:)

On January 19, 2009 was opened the new Internet home of As each new house (and whether virtual) and in our will certainly have more places that need completion, others to be more furnished and decorated, but it was important for us as soon as possible to cut the band (even informally) and to start to meet our guests.

Months under construction
For many months you all - visitors, clients and friends come across a site that tells you that we are in a temporary repair. Rightly many of you sent us letters with words  such as: "very craftily you've called it temporary ..." or with the question - "Until when?". Now we can respond - Until today:).

Do not quote the saying for cobbler, but we were just in his boots and a for a long time. But it has its reasons, and without seeking to justify, we need to say that they were justified. During this time, we were working for clients, for which we were toiling months ahead to gain. Customers from all over Europe, for which we are planning and implementing an entire marketing concepts and campaigns, develop large-scale online projects and systems. Another main reason was our desire to do something that others have not been done (which is our main feature). All previous sites of have received international recognitions and we certainly worked towards, to raise even one centimeters higher this round.

Results and new tools
Today invites you in a home of a new generation. We worked on the development of the first in Bulgaria web site with an interactive video, which is a result of the dedication of our teams and our partners. Looking at our new web site, you actually come in in our central offices in Varna, Bulgaria, and you can meet part of our team, we can see and hear us and ask questions.

The technology, which develops and implements allows creation of interactive solutions for our clients that we work towards new models of customer service and sales in Internet and increase the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns.




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