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%s » Bulgaria develops Internet strategy and e-marketing platform for viral marketing product to Vivatel - bTK - SIMpatia (viral marketing, internet marketing, web flash design)

16 march

Vivatel-BTC launches a platform for viral marketing, planned and developed by, based on permission marketing for the product of Vivatel - Simpatia.

Through specially developed with a flash technology miniplatform for promoting the product, the current and potential customers of the mobile operator can check what package they need based on how many are likeable to one another. All of course, happens only for less than a minute while having fun, knowing the benefits of the package Simpatia.

Vivatel has prepared and prizes for the grandest fellows.

The Internet marketing concept, web design the and ad campaign (media planning, CPC buying, implementing the campaign in and social medias and networks and e-PR) are planned and implemented by and our partners.

Main partner in the implementation of this project were Leo Burnett, with which we suggested together this different approach for the Bulgarian market in communication with target groups and to who are grateful for that with the enthusiasm and the professionalism they convinced the client to make this step into the world of effective e-marketing solutions.

If you want to test the Simpatia of your friends visit



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e-marketing strategy za Vivatel - bTC product - SIMpatia
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