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IPRA International Conference for South East Europe

14 february
Within the International Conference of IPRA (International PR Association) for South East Europe, held on February 13 Musala Hall, Hilton Hotel in Sofia, Mr Plamen Russev (founder and managing director of Bulgaria) spoke on a theme : Planning and evaluation in the digital world -The challenge PR 3.0 ".

Other speakers were Joe Hanli, IBM Europe, director external relations , Jim Loftus, a political consultant, advisor to the campaign of Barrak Obama, Richard Lining, President of IPRA for 2011, Philip Sheppard, European Federation of Trade Marks, Darina fon Deniken, Social Expert media and networks, Switzerland Gergana Vassileva, IPRA Bulgaria and others.

Over 250 professional PR and marketing professionals from 17 countries attended the conference and asked questions about the topics:
2.0 Policy Does the political strategy is behind by technology? How do the campaigns interact with the Internet? In whose hands are political campaigns on the Internet - those of ordinary voters or professional bloggers? For and against the Internet in politics, ethics of political communication on the Internet

Public diplomacy as a strategic tool for improving the reputation of Bulgaria and the countries of Southeast Europe and the role of private business in public diplomacy, for his contribution to the formation of ideas and visions for improving of the reputation of Bulgaria and other countries from SEE.

Corporate Communications 3.0 - Internet evolution in corporate communications - opportunities and threats, Corporate social responsibility and the Internet, Internet communications in times of crisis,The internet websites of the companies - the new corporate media; Corporate or personal blog of the manager?
User 4.0 - Challenges in front of the Internet communications with users, protect the rights of users on the Internet
How to fight with manipulation and  the spam on the Internet;
Planning and evaluation in the digital world - The new role of PR professionals in the digital world, to plan unpredictable, Assessement of the value of IP services for customers.

Video of the panels  you can watch here.


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