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Marketing Innovation Forum (MIF'09)

23 january Bulgaria developed for a third consecutive year the online image of Internet Marketing Innovation Forum (MIF'09), and the system for online registration and sales. Each year a different advertising agency, is pleased to offer and build the offline vision and the Creative of the Forum and Bulgaria builds the traditional marketing with digital solutions and Internet communications.

Creative agency on the first Forum in 2007 was Noble Graphics, which tempted by innovative set in the center of the creative concept the ideal for innovation: a banana with bark zipper for easier peeling:) Along with them we developed this project here: http:/ /

Last year New Moment, "inspired" by the lack of innovative approaches in promotion of goods and services in the home area, as well as the rest so annoying promotions that apply to "see the text below the star and other techniques, took MIF for box of powder and here is the project, which we created together:

This year Economedia and RA The SMARTS put emphasis, in the spirit of the time on the crisis and the different viewpoints to one and the same case.

For more information and registration for the forum, please click here and visit the new MIF'09. 


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