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Toyota dealer - TM Auto mandated for complete internet marketing services and web developments

01 december

TM Auto Toyota dealer assigned to the development of an online  strategy for the brand. As a first step create a website for the company with options for online promotions and sales.

The site is built on a very flexible platform,as the content management system (CMS) allows full control over every detail of the Internet project. Planned and developed are marketing tools for online promotions second cars, presenting of different models of Toyota,it's integrated a system for online conversations with customers in a real time.

Social media and networks and the use of mini-site platforms and other digital tools are part of the overall Internet marketing services for the brand.

The opportunities for corporate communication and a dialogue with the clients which the social media and networks provide for the automobile industry in Bulgaria will be part of the tactical steps in the implementation of e-marketing concept, planned by

Visit the site and meet with Toyota and TM Auto.

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