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Crisis Internet Marketing and how the web is changing our lifes and business models.

08 march

Another exhibition CeBIT has past. For three decades, once a year, Hanover, Germany becomes a meeting place for present and future in the information and communication technologies. This year the organizers were paying special attention to Internet marketing and web communities, both in the exhibition and conference in which took part Plamen Russev and Among the speakers were also founders, owners and managing directors of eBay, Ciao, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo Connect, LinkedIn, Xing, Intel, MySpace, Fox Interactive and many others.

"Nobody can plan for more than 6 months in Internet - said Reid Hoffman - founder and managing director of LinkedIn - the largest professional social network on the Internet in response to the question of how will develop the social networks and in particular the professional and what will be their business model. This was a pattern in the presentations and speeches of lecturers.

In the words of the representing the largest social networks, the crisis does not lead to reflux, but rather to increase the number of active members. The founder of Ciao - one of the major online retailers said that there's no reflux in the online sales unlike the reduced advertising budgets of the large advertisers. In general, the positive comments were prevalent in almost all the speeches.

Shared expectations of the most of the speakers are Internet advertising to increase its volume, although at a slower pace compared to last year.

In his talks  Plamen Russev focuses on opportunities for using social networks and media as an opportunity for brand communication and their use as a platform for interactive relation with the market and creation of communities around the mark. 

At the heart of the next web - 3.0 the branch has fixed his gaze on the semantic Internet and many of the biggest market players develop their own platforms for semantic processing of the information.

From Hannover, Germany - Aniela Ruseva.


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Plamen Russev at the CeBIT Webciety - forum for internet marketing, social media, blogging, web design.
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