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DSK Bank and M-Tel invite you to visit the fitst virtual finanscial simulator (internet marketing, web design, online advertisement)

23 march

M-Tel and DSK Bank launched their joint financial product - co-branded credit card and chose to create a digital strategy for promoting the product online, planning, digital creative, web design, flash animations, e-marketing .

As we discussed not once proven in practice, the Internet is very suitable environment for the promotion and sale of financial products. In this case proved to be indispensable to the specifics of the credit card.


Co-branded card that brings benefits to its users that the tools of traditional marketing, it is impossible to demostrirani and half of them. Moreover period 0% interest deferred payment option for many financial and bonuses with each purchase card brings points, which accumulate in the program M-Club Tel. After analysis of the product consultants proposed creation of a virtual simulator, to demonstrate real benefits to the owner of the card. And they are. To see for yourself visit While the purchase will save you real money and not least:) propose a brave concept of virtual digital simulation of financial product and we are happy that the marketing teams of the M-Tel and DSK Bank accepted it and did not realize it podvoumiha us. We planned and created a virtual environment in which everyone (while fun) alone could test the benefits of financial products and calculates how much it saved (earned) if there is one card in his pocket. While in the simulator, you can shop at different shops in the streets of Tel-M and DSK Bank and keep track of what you pay and how much savings. The good news is that in real life if you're the proud owner of this card will save real money. In developing the project (strategic planning, Internet marketing and web design) build creative created offline ad campaign, developed by RA Interpartners, adding an entirely new direction for interaktsiya and predtavyane product, which only provides Internet communication. Our goal was to show in numbers what is thought of advertising message that you saw in the ad campaign billboards, press and on television: "Whoever has her will.

Production of mini platform was brilliantly executed, for which special thanks to our web design and flash animations partners. of companies in the market to undertake specific marketing results. When planning digital strategy for a specific brand or product, our e-marketing consultants and business analysts create the overall concept and provide the effect of it. On this basis, we create specifications for each site and the subsequent advertising and internet marketing campaign. So our customers know before the beginning of what will be the campaign results and ROI (return on investment) from their investments in Internet marketing.

More information about our services can be foundhere.


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