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Eurolease Auto Bg with a new web site (web development, interactive design)

31 march

On March 23, 2009, presented the new online face of the leasing  company Eurolease Auto on the internet (e-marketing of financial / insurance products and services). The developed new project (visual concept and marketing and web design) is with a functional, modern design, it's used a flash technology and are developed creative concepts for the presentation of specific documents and business procedures .
The project is a web based business solution for management of online sales, customer profiles, delegation of  limits of rights and systems for promotions and sales incentives.

The implemented client module (client loyalty system), in Internet allows after authorization users to have an access to data, by which they could receive information related to current payments,  issued documents, invoices and current leasing schemes.

The specialized software for content management system (CMS)  and  clients relationship management (CRM), developed and implemented by, give a solution to any needs of both employees in Eurolease Auto and corporate clients of the company.

Currently develop a system for dealers and suppliers (dealer module) that will enable and displays information about the use of special discounts and offers. This module will be bound by the lease calculator - the online software tool for calculating the individual schemes of the lease.

The next steps are completion of the overall digital strategy for the brand in building of  an internet marketing concept, e-media buying and planning and implementation of internet advertising campaigns. In the basis of Internet marketing strategy for financial products will be the creation and use of digital tools which to demonstrate competitive advantages of Eurolease Auto to potential clients, service systems and promote loyalty to the end client


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