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26 march
Bulgarian Financial Holding Eurohold Bulgaria, client of several consecutive years trusted us again, as  entrusted the development of an internet project for the subsidiary that the company recently set up "Eurolease Auto Skopie EAD, Macedonia. .
The design and vision of the Internet project (web design) are fully subject to the developed by internet project Eurolease Auto Romania. (

Eurolease Auto Macedonia is a functional web project with software for content management that allows our client to update and manage all information in the website.

We've developed various software tools and modules for calculating the individual leasing scheme in accordance with the Macedonian tax law, and depending on the nature of the proposed information.

The project set out functionalities provided by flash technology. They are part of internet marketing strategy developed by Bulgaria in order to add a competitive advantage for the brand, providing an useful tool to the end user. An example is the campaign "simple steps" mini-site which was created by, as part of e-marketing campaign to explain how easy it is to take a lease decision  of Eurolease Auto Macedonia explaining real steps in which the client must to pass.
The project was completed and soon will be online. It is part of an overall digital strategy of  Eurolease Macedonia, developed by Bulgaria for the Macedonian market. The next step is an internet marketing and advertising campaigns (media planning and buying), additional modules and features (digital creative and strategic planning) and analysis.


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