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25 november

As an e-marketing and strategic partner of the unique E-Marketing & Digital Business Expo WebIT that covers the region of Southeast Europe, is also a partner of Webit METRIX - the next event, part of e-Academy Expo & Conferences.

Webit METRIX, the only conference for online metrix in Bulgaria, will take part on 10th  December 2009, in Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan.

Webit METRIX Conference is an annual conference that covers metrix and their usage for planning and monitoring of efficiency of online and mobile advertising. 


  • brand and marketing managers, who want to learn how to plan and optimize the efficiency of online campaigns they manage;
  • specialists, who would like to hear about the new methods of marketing research through online communities;
  • professionals, who will learn more about the measuring and usage of mobile internet and the fast growing online video.

Speakers at the event:

  • Monika Lasota - Buisiness Development Director, Gemius
  • Emiel van Wegen - European Director, Synovate
  • Veselin Angelov - CEO Gemius Bulgaria
  • Stoyan Mihaylov - CEO Synovate Bulgaria Veselin Angelov - CEO Gemius Bulgaria
  • Diego Semprun, Senior Director Commercial Development EMEA, Nielsen Online
  • Nadya Rusenova, Manager Client Service and Sales, Nielsen Online Bulgaria

Learn how to plan and measure the efficiency of internet advertising, hear about innovations in research and work with online communities. Register for the event at:


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Webit METRIX Conference
Webit METRIX is an unique conference for metrix in Bulgaria.
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