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Beiersdorf Bulgaria is among the new clients of

12 january took over the maintanance of internet projects ( and of Beiersdorf Bulgaria - a leading company for
for skin care products, representative of the world's largest brand of body and face care  for Bulgaria - NIVEA. Beiersdorf Bulgaria is part of the Beiersdorf Group.

In the beginning of January launched a new module in - Baby Care Advice module (Tips on caring for the baby),
which provides information on tips, reviews and entertainment concerning child care.
At the moment our team is working on adapting the New Product Section in the internet project that will present the newest product lines NIVEA and will be online soon. prepares monthly reports - webreporting about the activities in the websites ( and,
containing also information about visits of the sites in sections, product categories, effects of online campaigns, sent bulletins (newsletters) etc.


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