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For the client St. Marina hospital developed a comprehensive information system to serve needs of the patients and visitors.

05 february developed an information system to serve the needs of the patients and visitors in Saint Marina Hospital.
The purpose of the software for the information terminal is a multimedia presentation of the location of various offices and clinics, as well as a basic information about them based on user requests for data they need. The system allows a search by number of cabinet or keyword. The search is carried out both in the titles of offices and a list of additional keywords entered,  describing to the  ordinary user (non-medical person) in a understandable language, the activity of the present study, which treats diseases and others.
The terminal provides additional information for the hospital. The system operates without a keyboard, by a touch screen, as the actions of the user are managed by a Flash technology.
The information maintained by the system can be managed remotely from a computer via the integrated content management system.


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