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Fairplay International

Industry: Corporations was chosen by the company FairPlay International (FPI) for their online corporate performance.

FairPlay International (FPI) is a leading Bulgarian company investing in and managing assets in real estate.
Established in 1993 as construction and entrepreneurial company in the last 15 years FairPlay International grow into one of the most respected investment companies in Bulgaria. Today, FPI continues to evolve in the real estate, performing ever more diverse and larger projects: the construction of residential buildings to the implementation of large logistics parks, management of hotel complexes to reliable investment in agriculture. was chosen by the company FairPlay International (FPI) for their online corporate performance.
The project is based on the marketing concept as FairPlay International Investment Company, and not construction. In this regard, emphasis was that the activity of the FPI is related to a variety of investments in real estate, and tourism.
In relation to achieving the effective management of its core activities FPI created separate organizations and establish strong partnerships with others. Among them are: FairPlay Properties REIT, FairPlay Agricultural Fund Ltd., which FairPlay again trusted  and entrust the development of Internet projects for these companies. consultants developed an e-marketing concept, the idea was an online project to follow the specifics of FairPlay International - leading company in construction and investment in Bulgaria.The developed  FAF and FPP are with information character and focus of the current presentation of information.
The modules for automatic extraction of data from the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia allows presenting the movement of securities of companies in real time with the prices and quantities traded. developed the new Internet presenting of the holiday complex in Santa Marina Sozopol - million investment in real estate. Developed by web project added not only new business channel for customers, but also presented a real vision of a holiday village on the Internet.

Within the framework of servicing  provides the following services to the client:

Web site development
E-marketing consulting and online strategies
Information, navigation architecture and design
Managed Hosting
Multimedia and online video
Digital Creative
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