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Sistec Holding

Industry: Corporations
SISTEC Holding comprises 14 different companies.Company's main activities involve information technologies, financial services, real estate investments (construction and lease of business offices).
For less than two years, SISTEC Holding has succeeded in undertaking large-scale investment operations and setting a new higher grade level of the business model for letting offices for rent by providing innovative and advanced solutions to the dynamic Bulgarian market.
The holding has continued its dynamic entry on the financial services market by offering flexible and innovative products.
The technological companies in the Group have maintained their leading positions by developing modern and reliable technological infrastructure for modern retail outlets. was chosen by the company for their corporate and online presentation. The consultants of created marketing concept, based on preliminary researches in the field of information technology, financial services and real estate, as created a business model that meets the needs and expectations of the target audience and its coverage by developing interactive modules internet project with the possibility of update the content of the project.

Within the framework of servicing provides the following services to the client:
Web site development
E-marketing consulting and online strategies
Information, navigation architecture and design
Managed Hosting

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