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Industry: Fashion
After a successful review of Daphne in Prague, the fashion house presents its new collection in its shops throughout the country.

Elite mark enjoys a good reception in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic and the United States and Moscow.
True to its plain and practical style, the brand launched daily, business clothing and formal dresses, subject to the luxury and comfort, complemented by elegant impressive jewellery. Upon the materials carefully selected, flax prevalent, often in blends with polyester, cotton with elastane, fashion, creped rayon and fine trick.

The internet project provides an information about the latest collections of fashion house Daphne consistent with the recent trends of world fashion, through a rich text and photo material.The consulting team of created an marketing concept for the online presenting of Daphne, relies on creative and digital media, flash technology for interactive presentation of the company.

Within the servicing provides the following services to the client:
Web site development
E-marketing consulting and online strategies
Information, navigation architecture and design
Managed Hosting
Multimedia and online video
Digital Creative
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