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Industry: Finance & Insurance

Euroins Insurance plc e one of the first Bulgarian insurance companies, licensed under Common Insurance Law from 1998. The company provides package insurance products covering a wide variety of risks and complete insurance service to customers.

The portfolio of Euroins includes over 40 insurance products, covering 18 kinds of insurance.

Major shareholder in Euroins Insurance Plc is Eurohold Bulgaria LTD through its insurance subsidiary company Euroins Insurance Group PLC.

At present, the new insurance holding Euroins Insurance Group PLC is the majority shareholder in:

  •   Euroins Insurance Co., Bulgaria - 68%
  •   Euroins (Asitrans Asigurari), Romania - 84%
  •   Euroins - Health Insurance Co., Bulgaria - 50%
  •   Euroins osiguruvanye, Macedonia - 83.25% provides the following services to the client:


installment loans .