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Industry: FMCG
Baumit Ltd. was founded in 1995 in Sofia as an affiliate of Wopfinger Stein-und Kalkwerke Schmid & Co KG, a part of Schmid Industrie Holding - Austria - one of the biggest concerns for building materials in Europe.
Initially, the company's headquarters is iin Sofia and subsequently due to the development of the business and its expanding, it's chosen the new headquarters town of Elin Pelin.
Baumit Ltd. quickly established itself as a market leading thermal insulation systems in Bulgaria. In May 2006 started the production of pasty plaster base of the company in Elin Pelin.
Baumit Company Ltd. represents the Bulgarian market and products with brand "Mureksin, which is also owned by Schmid Industrie Holding. "Mureksin is specializing in building chemistry products - adhesives, joint mixtures, waterproofing, waterproofing systems, epoxy coatings, concrete additives and others. developed an e-marketing strategy for the client in which we set of multimedia and digital creative, flash, in order of interactive presenting of  products and activities of the company and promote the brand online and offline.

Within the framework of servicing provides the following services to the client:
E-marketing consulting and online strategies
Digital Creative
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