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UMHAT Sveta Marina

Industry: Healthcare

University Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment St. Marina, Varna is the successor of the University Hospital Varna.

It is the largest medical-diagnostic and consultative university hospital complex with patients from all over the country, mainly from North and East Bulgaria - Varna, Shumen, Razgrad, Targovishte, Ruse, Dobrich, Silistra and Bourgas regions.

The complex has 930 beds, modern equipment and high qualified staff - academics, national and regional consultants. The hospital has at its disposal modern facilities, hospital service, internal communications, quality of patient care, diagnostic and therapeutic approach, modern equipment and highly specialized equipment.

Unique services at UMHAT St. Marina

Unique for Northeastern Bulgariathe region in activity and specialization clinics are:

  • Cardiosurgery (bypass operations, valve prosthesis, congenital heart defects);
  • Interventional cardiology;
  • Gamma camera;
  • Pediatric  oncohematology;
  • Pediatric Endocrinology;
  • Pediatric pulmology and allergy;
  • Pediatric psychiatry;
  • Narcology;
  • Gerontopsychiatry;
  • Psychosomatic
  • Sleep medicine;
  • Laboratory of Immunology;
  • Medico-genetic consultation and diagnosis.

Unique equipment

The Hospital is equipped by most modern equipment, allowing modern diagnosis and treatment. It includes:

  • PET computed tomography (scanner), high resolution, 4 dimensions - the only one in Bulgaria;
  • Latest Nuclear magnetic resonance;
  • Osteometer - whole-body, high-resolution, the only one in Bulgaria;
  • Latest Doppler Echograph;
  • Two angiographical laboratories in Clinics of Cardiology and Neurology.

Quality Management

One of the main objectives of the hospital is achievement of high quality. The Multi-profile Hospital for Active Treatment St. Marina is certified by EFQM – European Foundation of Quality Management -  the first time in Bulgaria. After obtaining the first level, the hospital applied for the next level of recognition. All activities are being monitored and controlled by an integrated hospital information system, which covers all hospital structures. provides the following services to the client:

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