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Industry: Media
In 1992 was printed the first in Bulgaria edition for publishing free ads by phone - Pozvanete newspaper. After several years in 1998 was launched a the regional edition Pozvanete Sofia.

Today, advertising and publishing group has regional offices in Sofia, Varna, Shumen and Dobrich and is an absolute favorite among the issues for listings and is in the top ten the most read newspapers in Bulgaria. Daily are print an average of 20 000 copies Pozvanete newspaper or monthly - 520 000 pcs.
According to Alpha Research Pozvanete "is the most popular Journal in Varna (49%) and among the newspapers as the preferred source of news for Varna and the region (29.4%)
The forthcoming Online presenting of POZVANETE was aiming expansion of business presence in the newspaper and online, creating opportunities for free and paid review of by readers across the country and abroad, offering new ways of targeting advertising.
Made on the basis of e-marketing research the consultancy team of presented the online media in a way that provides a quick and easy access to complete information on Pozvanate still from the home page. It was based on the use of technologies such as Ajax, which provides review quick and large amounts of information about the minimum of time.

Adding the option to subscribe to the online version of Pozvanate by online micro payments via SMS gives an advantage to the internet users for an access to the  current information before the other readers.

Within service provides the following services to the client:

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