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Logopedic Center Varna

Industry: Non Government Organizations

Speech therapy in Bulgaria has been functioning successfully since 1955 when the first speech therapy unit was founded in Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria) and the second one Speech therapy in Varna

During 1984 speech school has 13 speech cabinets - 5 specialized and 8 general
Thе school function until 2000 when it was replaced by a Speech and Language Therapy Centre – Varna,  serving as a state system of public education, as since July 2008 the Speech Therapy Centre has been financed by Varna Municipality.

The subjects of the Speech Center - Varna are testing, rehabilitation and correction of all types of communication disorders in children under school age and students of I - XII class. donated an internet project for Speech and Language Therapy Centre – Varna, with special thanks to Lili Lazarova for her dedication and professionalism in the process of work with Monica ( and her return again to the active life.

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