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Industry: Politics
Civil Movement "Glas" is politic Party, founded in Varna in 2007.
A Civil Movement "Glas" stand businessmen and intellectuals, which is an important personal part in public life who are committed to the state of the city.

Besides Prof. Plamen Andreev-President of the European Parliament vote, which is among the names in the Initiative Committee for the establishment of the movement are those of businessmen Krasimir Uzunov (Interservice Uzunov, Mall Varna), Tony Ikonomov (Bulgarian company Kanotrans salt "" Fresh Cosmetics ap) Svilen Chernokojev (Ergos "New construction company) and lawyer Simeon Slavkov.

One of the main objectives of the movement are:
-Developing and strengthening civil society through participation in the management of cities uncorruptible proven ability of people
-Take the realization of rational ideas in town planning, health, education, culture.
Appropriate planning and control of budgetary resources to achieve maximum public impact.
Anti-corruption and bureaucracy by the publicity, transparency and control the activities of the administration.

Political party instructed for the creating of a a comprehensive e-marketing concept and building a web project for online communication with the citizens of Varna and the members of the movement.

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