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Industry: Telecommunications

M-Tel is a market leader in Bulgaria and one of the most successful mobile operators in Europe. The company was founded in March 1994 as a private limited company with objective of creating and building a GSM digital cellular mobile communication network in Bulgaria. In June it received a license  for planning, construction, maintenance and use of the first bulgarian GSM network. In February 1995 Mobiltel AD became a full member of the GSM Association.

In 2002 M-Tel became Company of the Year in Bulgaria. The company is on first place in profit of 100 lv. sales revenues and profits of 100 lv. assets.
In September 2006 M-Tel recorded its 4 million subscriber and with its four million subscribers it is the largest telecom operator in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian GSM operator has still the biggest market share in the sector. In 2008 M-Tel receives the prize "The biggest corporate donor" and in 2009 was honored for its overall policy on human resources in the category "Investor in human capital". provides the following services to the client:

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