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Industry: Telecommunications

As part of а privatization transaction, BTC (Bulgarian Telecommunication Company) was granted a license for the third GSM operator in Bulgaria and the company has launched its mobile services under the brand Vivatel in November 2005. Bulgarian Telecommunication Company is a leader in providing innovative solutions in ADSL Broadband Internet, fixed and mobile telephony for general public, business and government organizations. The company offers a wide variety of complex solutions for telecommunications services vary from fixed and mobile telephony to high speed ADSL Broadband Internet and transfer.

Immediately after its launch Vivatel becomes the fastest growing mobile operator in Bulgaria. Today the company has significant market share with over 2.2 million subscribers of fixed services, over 1.2 million subscribers of mobile services and almost 230,000 ADSL Broadband subscribers.

For BTC has developed an online marketing strategy based on the concept of social media and online communities. Projects created for Vivatel are examples of planning, development and maintenance of effective e-marketing solutions for mass consumer products in the field of telecommunication.

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