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Architecture and design of the content, information and navigation structure of the site

We are experts in the field of information architecture. Our experience and knowledge are to project directly on the finished product in a way: intuitive navigation and a logical structure of the content of any web project that we create. In the field of information architecture we provide consulting services for the construction of the web projects, as well as independent consulting services to companies and Internet portals. with an order we organize tests for ergonomics of the navigation (usability studies), during which we study the consumer behavior, in this point examination of the necessary time to find elements of navigation, search content and etc.

Perception of information in the web site

Ergonomic web projects
Thanks to our experience in the field of information architecture, our clients are confident that their functional and graphical concept are consistent with current knowledge and the mass models to find and use an information in the digital space.

Consulting services in the field of information architecture
We help our clients to plan and develop the proper navigation system and a structure of the content - even our client to be another interactive agency. Depending on the scale and needs of the Information architecture for the project, can work as a consultant and contractor. 

Services for online portals provides services for online portals, as consults and tests in the fields navigation and ergonomics. Our goal is to achieve the best result for the consumer in the process of searching and finding the content you are interested in the portal. This   means increase of the revenues for the portal of advertising and promotions.

Look for our navigation and information architects and specialists.
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