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multimedia, 3d and online video

Multimedia techniques - all under one cover
In the field of online animations, has won some of the most prestigious awards worldwide. We create advertising formats, marketing platforms and games, presentations, etc.

Professional audio and video
Through technology partners program we work with some of the best professional camera teams. We write scripts, dialogues, visual and audio effects, and thus create a complete digital project. 

Objects and 3D visualizations
We provide our clients with unique three-dimensional objects. Digitizing existing sites, creating their virtual precise lines. We offer 3D animation and video.

We are flexible

The perfect symbiosis
We combine animation, video and 3D objects in a single whole, to achieve the set marketing objectives.We combine materials provided by our clients with those developed by us.

Passive and interactive
We provide multimedia designed for passive viewing / listening, and this creating interakction. The scope and the interactive elements can be defined and developed according to the specifics of the channel, which will be used - in Internet, DVD or mobile platforms.

Format for each media
Our clients may use the provided by us multimedia for different channels: Web, offline media, television, mobile devices and more.


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