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Managed Hosting

Complete infrastructure for internet services

Best Partners work with some of the best providers of Internet connectivity in the U.S., Switzerland and Bulgaria. Our Bulgarian partner is Evolink, with which we offer to our Bulgarian clients:

  •      Highest technical standards
  •      Tested and branded equipment
  •      Secured network
  •      Physical security
  •      Remote back-up centers
  •      Tested procedures
  •      Experienced engineers
The Experience with our partners shows one thing: a short response time, quickly solving of the arisen problems and service 24/7/365.

Not just fast servers provides its clients entire platform for doing business online. This includes:

     * Solutions for traffic control
     * Buffer servers (web cache)
     * Systems for the prevention of security breaches
     * Professional systems for storage of the information
     * Regular files

All systems are constantly monitored for errors, availability, effectiveness and safety.

Management of the entire process: planning, construction, testing, maintenance and updating

Environment provides an integrated environment in which our clients to plan and develop their business in a long-term.The Planning, construction, testing, maintenance and updating of the operating solutions for us is not something unique and amazing, but a normal process in the daily round of our specialists.

Efficiency and safety at reasonable price
We constantly update different elements of the environment - web servers, databases and other standard components. Within this process we provide our clients maximum productivity, security and compatibility of the applications.

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