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Web site development

We integrate Web projects in the business of our clients

First is strategy

We help our clients in creating complete solutions for Internet presence, which are in line with their long-term business objectives. The years experience in e-marketing and promotions, management of business processes, creation of operating creative concepts and content for them, as well as maintenance and management of large digital projects and services for some of the biggest brands, make us the preferred partner.

In a digital platform, we can integrate many different services: promotion, customer service, sales, loyalty systems and others to achieve maximum efficiency in the customer experience with an online image of the brand and its associated products and services. In a long term, we upgrade the image of the offline image of the company with a competent, informed, attractive and effective digital center to work with customers, sales and promotions.

Online communities and sites has long experience in building communities around the sites associated with brands and products. Thus we achieve simultaneously great number of objectives - study of the clients, creating groups of loyal and informed clients, permanent contact and feedback with the market, a platform for quick and easy distribution of new products, etc.

Planned results

Proven Success
Over the years built an effective organization structure through which we assume and implement the entire digital production process in planning, building an online prototype to final completion, testing and launch of the project - no matter of the technology used. The program " technology partners", which we develop over the past two years gives us virtually unlimited access to the productive resources from our certified sub-contractors in the various fields of production such as digital programming, web and graphic design, multimedia, online video, 3D and etc.

Bear the responsibility and clear accountability

Servicing and maintenance of the created by digital solutions and web projects are implemented according to set procedures and meet at most the expectations and requirements of our customers for performance and reliability.

Long-term and secure investment train and develop their staff as our best professionals guide in a career to every member of the team and thus ensure stable and long-term service and development of our projects. We work entirely on a team basis and develop information sharing and corporate knowledge and shared responsibility to reduce the risk of errors.

Most demanding and responsible projects

Technology does not surprise build complex and sophisticated web solutions, based on different technologies. Through our program " technology partners", we combine experience and skills in planning, production, monitoring, maintenance and development of platforms, written in different programming languages.

The scale is not a problem
Thanks to our structure, we plan, build and maintain, as relatively small, and large-scale web solutions running on several servers. Our services are fully tailored to the business  needs of the customer.

Guarantee for online presence

Together with some of the biggest companies in the hosting industry in the U.S., Switzerland and Bulgaria, we support our own hosting platforms and solutions. So we bear full responsibility for our clients throughout the process - from planning of a functionality and architecture of the web project to its final implementation, maintenance and constant online presence, regardless of circumstances.

Contact us for more information and development of your web project or online marketing platform.

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