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Internet marketing consulting, online marketing and sales in Internet helps in defining and creating business and marketing strategies for the Internet - as tactical, and long term - strategic. We create a concept and a plan for their implementation, not only for an individual product, but for the entire product range; for a company or group of companies. We help companies to adapt and develop effectively their existing marketing campaigns for new media in Internet, multimedia and mobile platforms.

Conception, planning and implementation

Unlimited possibilities
Internet creates unlimited opportunities for marketing initiatives, which in other media are impossible or too expensive. The rise of social media and networks has led to the fact that online attention is no longer buying, but wins.

Facts instead of guesswork

Experience - our precious resource
The work with is an opportunity for our clients to use our experience and knowledge of internet business and internet marketing,  amassed more than 10 years on the markets in  UK, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Bulgaria. We examine and analyze the effectiveness of different methods and tools online. we monitor changing conditions. We know what works, when to use it and how.

Lower risk, based on knowledge
We have reduced to a minimum the work based on assumptions. Based on the knowledge of our consultants,' clients, receive and take the right decisions and don't waste time and resources to work on the method of experiment and the mistake. We prevent our clients from trying to follow fashion trends, instead, to be effective and successful online.

Well invested budgets
Sometimes internet marketing initiatives could cost large amounts and at the same time to achieve the goals or the achievement of the objectives to happen after too long time. helps its clients to achieve most of their budgets for initiatives that in clear, short terms will achieve the desired results.

Reliable source of knowledge

We work with knowledgeable and experienced professionals.
The global trends, although with delay, occurring also in Bulgaria. Our corporate know-how of international markets helps us a lot. We upgrade our own knowledge, as we partner with companies with highest reputation and buy their research and analysis.

Ready solutions.
Based on previous experience, we have ready solutions for digital challenges that other companies only have heard. We have the marketing knowledge, technical know-how, infrastructure and a potential to make real things that others can only promise.


Contact us for complex digital marketing service and a strategy for use of the new medias for internet marketing, sales and client service.

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