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FC Buelach - Уеб сайт

Разгледай проекта

Swiss football club FC BUELACH assigned to the development of its corporate website. Within this project, provided the following services to the client:
  •      development of a web site, maintenance and update
  •      e-marketing consulting and online strategies
  •      Hosting
Project FC BUELACH - the developed by our team project is one of the most visited football sites in Swistzerland.

In the 2003 the leading football team FC BUELACH entrusted our team of consultants, as assigned us the task to develop the corporate online image of the Swiss team.

Objectives and Strategy
In the development of the Internet project FC BUELACH, team set completely on a concept built on the basis of preliminary studies on the needs of football users and fans.
The aim was reaching the target and its coverage by development of interactive modules which to serve visitors in the web site, giving an answer of their needs and expectations by presenting and nature of the offered information.

Consulting team of did a analysis and marketing research  and clearly defining clearly the target groups, which created a vision which to meets the expectations of potential clients and developed a functional web project with specialized software for content management. (CMS)
In the project was developed as a functionality the option online statistics.
Thanks to an e-marketing concept developed by team, and the interactive and a recent presentation of information in the Internet project, FC BUELACH today is one of the most popular and visited football sites of Switzerland teams
Date of completion: 16.4.2004
FC Buelach
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