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Vivatel SIMpatia - online game and promotion

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Project Vivatel „a sympathy test“ is an example for experience and know-how of in planning, development and maintenance of effective e-marketing campaigns in the field of telecommunication and communicating products at the Bulgarian market at all, consistent with the real parameters and models of consumer behavior.

The mini site is based on the concept of social media and online communities and viral marketing campaign using the  "recommended by a friend“ tactic. Our objective was also communicating the brand Vivatel as supporting young people in love and friendship, giving them not only  opportunity for "unlimited" conversations, but also encouraging their love and friendship giving them special gifts.

Achieving these objectives especially because of the specificity of the target group would not be possible unless we offer an interesting way to intrigue the audience. Therefore we have developed the concept of "a sympathy test" and added definitions like nice and sympathetic. Everyone has the opportunity to test the sympathy(love) of a friend by completing an one minute test. The test consists of definitions that most suit your personality.

Date of completion: 06.3.2009

viral marketing strategy telecommunication

digital creative e-marketing consulting gsm

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